The Information Revolution

Originally, that is until around the 1980s, computing was just for experts. Instead today we seem to be overwhelmed by the information revolution. Many people seem to spend all their waking hours (and perhaps they spend their time asleep dreaming about them too) glued to their computers, tablets or smartphones answering emails, whatsapp messages and the latest posts or photos that their “friends” have put on Facebook. Instead of these gadgets being tools which we use sensibly, it seems like we’re the tools and they are the masters. And that’s without considering the amount of private information we’re supplying to governments, people with criminal intent and so on, without really thinking of the risks involved.

But there is another face to the medal. Data processing has also made our lives easier. Just imagine if, for example, bank accounts were still being updated using handwritten ledgers and with the only possibility of knowing our bank balance being to stand in a long queue in a bank branch waiting to talk to a teller.

And this is also where a firm like Half Pocket comes in. With their varied expertise and the products and services they offer, they help you to make the most of what computing can offer for you and your company without you having to spend large amounts of time worrying about it yourself. This is the positive side of the information revolution.

To sum up, technology can help us and  can bring huge advantages both to society as a whole and at a personal level, but it can take us over if we do not act responsibly and are conscious of the risks when we interact with it.


Articolo di Alessandro Di Pasquale

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